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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume I

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McGuire, PheobeCover PageVol. I, p. 1EggGraphic layout
Crimmins, DeborahCover PageVol. I, p. 1EggGraphic layout
Howard, S.UntitledVol. I, p. 10BuildingDrawing
  Vol. I, p. 10ShorelineDrawing
McGuire, PheobeUntitledVol. I, p. 21Potted plantDrawing
Scribner, DouglasSo the dovesVol. I, p. 27DoveSilhouette
Crimmins, DeborahUntitledVol. I, p. 34-35Apple pieDrawing--Transmutation
McGuire, PhoebeThe boy who set fire to the synagogueVol. I, p. 36SynagogueInk block
  Vol. I, p. 36Boy runningInk block
McGuire, PhoebeEvery fall the catVol. I, p. 53CatInk sketch
Alter, JohnThe bad land bluesVol. I, p. 60 Poetry--Projective verse
Cheitman, EdithGod watches over Susanna cooking dinner and is pleasedVol. I, p. 18-19 Poetry--Free verse
Clairmont, R.The provisions of Doctor GordiusVol. I, p. 42 Poetry--Free verse
Clark, GordanEditorial Vol. I, p. 3Publication informationEditorial
Clark, GordanCommentaryVol. I, p. 4-5AugustaNon-fiction--Commentary
Coursen, Herband it comes out hereā€¦Vol. I, p. 12 Poetry--Free verse
Cox, Peter W.Fictional journalism--journalistic fictionVol. I, p. 14-17JournalismNon-fiction--Essay
Deblois, Rachel ButlerAn onerous offeringVol. I, p. 7-9Sherlock HolmesFiction--Short story
EditorsEditorial staffVol. I, p. 2CreditsNon-fiction--Editorial
EditorsTable of contentsVol. I, p. 2 Non-fiction--Headings
EditorsDedicationVol. I, p. 4Lloyd J. JewettNon-fiction--Dedication
EditorsContributorsVol. I, p. 62-63 Non-fiction--Biographical
EditorsOne DollarVol. I, p. 64PriceNon-fiction--Rating
Fallon, T.Three immortals; Lester YoungVol. I, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Fallon, T.Three immortals; Bud PowellVol. I, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Fallon, T.Three immortals; Charlie ParkerVol. I, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Gilley, LeonardExteriorVol. I, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Gordon, David, M.An offering to the god Priapus for a lucky catchVol. I, p. 61Greek--Maecius QuintusNon-fiction--Translation
Hall, BrentLakes in KetchumVol. I, p. 44-46 Fiction--Short story
Larkin, Alice TrueBright summer dayVol. I, p. 22-25 Fiction--Short story
Lignell, KathleenA morning poem for MyronVol. I, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
McGuire, RobertThe boy who set fire to the synagogueVol. I, p. 36-40Mike LepmanNon-fiction--Biography
McGuire, RobertThe boy who set fire to the synagogueVol. I, p. 36-40LithuaniaNon-fiction--Biography
McGuire, RobertThe good gray godVol. I, p. 49 Poetry--Free verse
McKenney, James A.Legislative DocumentVol. I, p. 43 Poetry--Free verse
Miller, FrancesView of Toledo (El Greco)Vol. I, p. 26 Poetry--Free verse
Mott, Wesley T.Maine's literary climate: romantic myth and economic realityVol. I, p. 29-33Maine--History--LiteratureNon-fiction--Essay
Neeson, Margaret GrahamDeath in MaineVol. I, p. 54-59LossFiction--Short story
Neeson, Margaret GrahamDeath in MaineVol. I, p. 54-59PetsFiction--Short story
Neinstein, Raymond L.Keeping house for RuthVol. I, p. 6 Poetry--Free verse
Park, MargaretEvery fall the catVol. I, p. 53CatPoetry--Free verse
Plunkett, TerrySeraphVol. I, p. 11ShipPoetry--Free verse
Rawlings, DougBig BSA 650Vol. I, p. 48 Poetry--Free verse
Schumacher, Priscilla FarringtonSelf-indulgence Vol. I, p. 12 Poetry--Free verse
Scribner, DouglasSo the DovesVol. I, p. 27 Poetry--Free verse
Sharkey, LeeCut priceVol. I, p. 47 Poetry--Free verse
SteingassThe true costume of the AmericanVol. I, p. 34-35 Poetry--Free verse
Tagliabus, JohnTwo poemsVol. I, p. 20-21 Poetry--Projective verse
Walker, DavidModes and genes (for Frances)Vol. I, p. 13 Poetry--Biographical
Wickes, Virginia M.ScapegoatVol. I, p. 50-52 Fiction--Short story