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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume XII

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Hartley, MarsdenBreaking waveVol. XII, p. 35WavesImage of oil painting
Howland, MichaelUntitledVol. XII, p. 6Woman sittingImage of photo
Howland, MichaelUntitledVol. XII, p. 12TacksImage of photo
Howland, MichaelUntitledVol. XII, p. 15Door glass reflectionImage of photo
Howland, MichaelUntitledVol. XII, p. 30Coral and cloudsImage of photo
Keleshian, MajoUntitledVol. XII, p. 20-21Woman in reposePencil drawing
Lee, BrendaUntitledVol. XII, p. 8ShoeImage of photo
Lee, BrendaSuicide Bridge fence in AugustaVol. XII, p. 10Memorial Bridge, Augusta MaineImage of photo
Nerber, MartinUntitledVol. XII, p. 14Iron lamp postImage of photo
Nerber, MartinUntitledVol. XII, p. 31Church reflectionImage of photo
Nerber, MartinUntitledVol. XII, p. 33Dolls in windowImage of photo
Nerber, MartinUntitledVol. XII, p. 38Abandoned carImage of photo
Plunkett, ConorElephant series of fiveVol. XII, p. 24-26ElephantsComputer generated image
Snow, NicholasWilbert SnowVol. XII, p. 1Wilbert SnowImage of photo
Snow, NicholasWilbert Snow at DeskVol. XII, p. 1Wilbert SnowImage of photo
Fox, C.L.; BridgetonKeeper of the tuskVol. XII, p. 24-26 Fiction--Short story
Goodwin, Tom; Bar HarborVeteran's dayVol. XII, p. 27 Fiction--Short-short story
Gottlieb, Bob; Bar HarborThree Tao talesVol. XII, p. 19 Fiction--Narrative
Hartley, MarsdenRobin Hood cove, Georgetown MaineVol. XII, p. 34 Poetry--Free verse
Hartley, MarsdenFrom storm clouds, Maine sceneVol. XII, p. 34 Poetry--Free verse
Hatlen, Burton; OronoSonnetsVol. XII, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
Hunter, Terrell; garlandThe potterVol. XII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Johnson, Frank; Tenants HarborAdventures in a promised landVol. XII, p. 32-33 Fiction--Short story
Ledoux, Denis; Lisbon FallsLooking backVol. XII, p. 7 Fiction--Short story
Leo, Fred; BrunswickPower takes a holidayVol. XII, p. 12-13 Fiction--Short story
Lignell, Kathleen; OronoReview of To the quickVol. XII, p. 39Heather McHughNon-fiction--Book review
Manning, Jackie; OaklandHoot, wise-ass and meVol. XII, p. 4-5 Fiction--Short story
McHugh, Heather; EastportI knew I'd singVol. XII, p. 39 Poetry--Free verse
Moser, T.L.; S. FreeportHonking it up for GodVol. XII, p. 31 Poetry--Free verse
Murphy, Pat; PortlandAnalogically uniqueVol. XII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Murphy, Pat; PortlandPoem to a friendVol. XII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Nicklas, Deborah; FalmouthHalfway through a big bookVol. XII, p. 40 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellReview of Wilbert Snow: Maine poetVol. XII, p. 2-3Wilbert SnowNon-fiction--Biography
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellRefrigerator theologyVol. XII, p. 23 Fiction--Narrative
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellReview of One day in the short happy life of Anna BananaVol. XII, p. 37Christopher FahyNon-fiction--Book review
Pollet, Sylvester; E. HoldenAesthetic: 1963, 1978Vol. XII, p. 20 Poetry--Free verse
Power, Hilton; LewistonReview of Maine: A guide "Down East"Vol. XII, p. 38Federal Writer's Project (FWP)Non-fiction--Book review
Prickitt, Chris; CambridgeWhitey Herzog and meVol. XII, p. 8 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, Doug; Mt. VernonTo Josh turning sixVol. XII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Scribner, Douglas; Newburyport, MAThis fat handled screwdriverVol. XII, p. 30 Poetry--Free verse
Snow, Nicholas; Spruce HeadRecalling WilbertVol. XII, p. 1-2Wilbert SnowNon-fiction--Biography
Snow, WilbertBequest to my sonsVol. XII, p. 1Wilbert SnowPoetry--Ballad stanza
Snow, WilbertCollected poems: ConflictVol. XII, p. 2SeaPoetry--Ballad stanza
Snow, WilbertSailor philosophyVol. XII, p. 3LifePoetry--Free verse
Snow, WilbertTaking away the bankingVol. XII, p. 3SpringPoetry--Ballad stanza
Spang, Bruce; ReadfieldSignaturesVol. XII, p. 31 Poetry--Free verse
Tagliabue, John; LewistonExcerpts from Marsden Hartley notebookVol. XII, p. 35 Non-fiction--Commentary
Walsh, Michael H.; BrunswickuntitledVol. XII, p. 40 Poetry--Free verse
Ward, Deborah; S. PortlandLittle leagueVol. XII, p. 8 Fiction--Narrative
Welton, Ronald; PortlandThe transitional objectVol. XII, p. 16-19 Fiction--Short story