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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume XIII

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UnknownuntitledVol. XIII, p. 1Woman's silhouetteImage of Painting
York, MelodyuntitledVol. XIII, p. 8Church steepleImage of photo
UnknownE.A. RobinsonVol. XIII, p. 10E.A. RobinsonImage of photo
UnknownAutograph presentation to Carl Marr, 1923Vol. XIII, p. 13E.A. RobinsonImage of photo
UnknownuntitledVol. XIII, p. 15E.A. RobinsonPencil drawing
Paratore, PhiluntitledVol. XIII, p. 18NudeGraphic
York, MelodyuntitledVol. XIII, p. 21Row boatImage of photo
Parsons, HerbuntitledVol. XIII, p. 22Gate lockGraphic
UnknownuntitledVol. XIII, p. 23SoldiersImage of bronze statue
Paratore, PhiluntitledVol. XIII, p. 25Man with folded armsGraphic
York, MelodyuntitledVol. XIII, p. 27Model skeletonImage of photo
UnknownWoman with birdVol. XIII, p. 28Woman with birdPainting
UnknownWoman with bird in reverseVol. XIII, p. 29Woman with birdPainting
UnknownBulldancingVol. XIII, p. 33BulldancingDrawing
Keleshian, MajountitledVol. XIII, p. 37AbstractGraphic
Parsons, HerbuntitledVol. XIII, p. 39LobstermanGraphic
York, MelodyuntitledVol. XIII, p. 41stonesImage of photo
UnknownHomage to Rodin's "The Thinker"Vol. XIII, p. 44AbstractImage of Ink drawing
Parsons, HerbuntitledVol. XIII, p. 45DuckGraphic
UnknownHenry I. ThoreauVol. XIII, p. 46Thoreau portraitDrawing
UnknownMaineVol. XIII, p. 46Maine mapDrawing
Denniston, ElizabethuntitledVol. XIII, p. 48-49TouringDrawing
UnknownuntitledVol. XIII, p. 52unknownImage of photo
Adams, David; Edinboro, PAWalking to the moonVol. XIII, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Adams, David; Edinboro, PAReview of SailingVol. XIII, p. 51Susan KenneyNon-fiction--Book review
Adams, David; Edinboro, PAReview of I wanted to tell youVol. XIII, p. 54Burton HatlenNon-fiction--Book review
Arbuthnot, Nancy; Washington, D.C.Sequin Island NightVol. XIII, p. 9 Poetry--Free verse
Baker, Catherine S.; Spruce HeadReview of The white buffaloVol. XIII, p. 50Kathleen LignellNon-fiction--Book review
Ballon, Diane: OronoThe memory DoctorVol. XIII, p. 9 Fiction--Short-short story
Bartlett, Linda; WarrenLittle boy blueVol. XIII, p. 35-36 Ficiton--Short story
Brooks, Katherine H.; PortlandSitting DucksVol. XIII, p. 39 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Brosnan, MichaelBig Pond poemVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Free verse
Bryant, Daniel C.; Cape ElizabethRock climbersVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Projective verse
Burns, Roland; Fort KentNovemberVol. XIII, p. 28 Poetry--Projective verse
Carper, Thomas; CornishMill townVol. XIII, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Carter, Donna; OronoDavid's guitarVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Free verse
Chute, Robert; Poland SpringSigns of spring (March 21)Vol. XIII, p. 37 Poetry--Stanza
Clark, Gordon; Inverness, FLThe Piscarius LettersVol. XIII, p. 20-21 Fiction--Short story
Clark, Jon P.; WiscassetFarm scenesVol. XIII, p. 22 Fiction--Short-short story
Cooper, Irene; NorthportSteeple repairsVol. XIII, p. 9 Poetry--Narrative
Dalton, Mark Maxwell; ReadfieldAutumn full of applesVol. XIII, p. 47 Fiction--Short-short story
Dennett, Lyle; RockportBulldancingVol. XIII, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Dennett, Lyle; RockportPaco's passionVol. XIII, p. 36 Poetry--Narrative
Devine, Nancy; WaldoboroHonoring angerVol. XIII, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
EditorsKennebec: A portfolio of Maine writingVol. XIII, p. 56Publication informationCredits
Field, Taffy; BathuntitledVol. XIII, p. 56 Fiction--Short-short story
Ford, Elaine; MilbridgeGrannyVol. XIII, p. 48-49Monkey BayFiction--Excerpt
Goodwin, Stewart; FarmingtonEgan's escapeVol. XIII, p. 23-24 Fiction--Short story
Gordon, David; SheepscotExcerpt from Outward, a frigate at seaVol. XIII, p. 55 Poetry--Projective verse
Gwin, S. Lawrence Jr.; PortlandThe exploding manVol. XIII, p. 22-23 Fiction--Short story
Hamlin, Ardeans; WinterportThe night I was rapedVol. XIII, p. 37 Poetry--Free verse
Hatlen, BurtonIn a strange timeVol. XIII, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
Hennedy, Hugh; Portsmouth, NHEaster MondayVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Free verse
Humez, Nick; PortlandMuzak's top ten - # 3Vol. XIII, p. 28 Poetry--Stanza
Jones, Hilda Grant; HallowellTarry-townVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Stanza
Kenney, SusanSailing: an excerptVol. XIII, p. 51 Fiction--Excerpt
Kindred, Wendy; Fort KentTalsimanVol. XIII, p. 56 Poetry--Free verse
Kontos, Carol A.; WindhamReview of The Hebrew lionVol. XIII, p. 54Kenneth RosenNon-fiction--Book review
Larsson, Mikael; GorhamA few before tenVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Free verse
Lyons, Jennifer; PortlandFloatersVol. XIII, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
MacDonald, Therese Martin; PortlaandBest western bluesVol. XIII, p. 26 Poetry--Free verse
Marion, Paul; Dracut, MASoftball game, Down EastVol. XIII, p. 36 Poetry--Free verse
Mattson, C. Walker; TroyThe raidVol. XIII, p. 38-39 Fiction--Short story
McKee, Glenn; WatervilleGeneric artVol. XIII, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
Murphy, Pat; PortlandTo the collection agencyVol. XIII, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Newman, Richard; NYCStuckVol. XIII, p. 34 Fiction--Short story
Nicklas, Deborah; FalmouthPsalm 23: An updateVol. XIII, p. 56 Poetry--Free verse
Nowell, Glenna; GardinerE.A. Robinson and GardinerVol. XIII, p. 10-11Edward Arlington RobinsonNon-fiction--Biography
One, James; RocklandThumpedVol. XIII, p. 16-17 Fiction--Short story
Palmer, Greg; Iowa City, IAO-u-tVol. XIII, p. 30-32 Fiction--Short story
Plunkett, Duff; MilfordMarguerite Yourcenar-Femme du SiecleVol. XIII, p. 52-53 Non-fiction--Biography
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellRoses thrown on marble stairs: the poetry of Edwin Arlington RobinsonVol. XIII, p. 12-14 Non-fiction--Biography
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellReview of OutwardVol. XIII, p. 55David GordonNon-fiction--Book review
Pollet, Sylvester; E. HoldenThe skeleton in the closet (an open letter to a friend)Vol. XIII, p. 27 Non-fiction--Letter
Powell, Pamela; CamdenLetters to Ira: 1912Vol. XIII, p. 4-8 Fiction-- Letters
Rawlings, Doug; Mt VernonWheel dreamsVol. XIII, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Robinson, E.A.New EnglandVol. XIII, p. 10-11 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Robinson, E.A.Mr. Flood's PartyVol. XIII, p. 12 Poetry--Stanza
Robinson, E.A.Richard CoryVol. XIII, p. 12 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Robinson, E.A.How Annandale went outVol. XIII, p. 14 Poetry--Stanza
Robinson, E.A.Eros TurannosVol. XIII, p. 15 Poetry--Stanza
Sanders, Estelle Watson; WindhamReview of Best stories of Sarah Orne JewettVol. XIII, p. 51Sarah Orne JewettNon-fiction--Book review
Seavey, Jr., Wallace; WinslowThe woman on the bridgeVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Free verse
Sharkey, Lee; S. ChinaCello suite, BachVol. XIII, p. 56 Poetry--Free verse
Soares, Liz; AugustaThe piano playerVol. XIII, p. 42-44 Fiction--Short story
Spang, Bruce; ReadfieldAll the right movesVol. XIII, p. 23 Poetry--Free verse
Spingam, Lawrence P.; Van Nuys, CAMill streetVol. XIII, p. 40-41 Fiction--Short story
Thompson, Kathy; WaldoboroGeometryVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Free verse
Thompson, Micky; StandishThat which is desiredVol. XIII, p. 18-19 Fiction--Short story
Tobey, Anne Britting; BelfastZeldaVol. XIII, p. 1-3 Fiction--Short story
Walker, David; FreedomAutumn haiku: Pick-boneVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Haiku
Walker, David; FreedomAutumn haiku: After-wrathVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Haiku
Walker, David; FreedomAutumn haiku: Prison enigmaVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Haiku
Walker, David; FreedomAutumn haiku: In seasonVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Haiku
Walker, David; FreedomAutumn haiku: Deer Jack-o-lanternVol. XIII, p. 45 Poetry--Haiku
Walsh, Michael; BrunswickSkipping stonesVol. XIII, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Weld, Charles; Whitney Point, NYWhen Thoreau passed through my uncle's town: Olamon, Maine: August 3, 1857Vol. XIII, p. 46 Non-fiction--Narrative
Woodridge, Richard; Deer IsleEating vanilla ice cream with bluberries in itVol. XIII, p. 17 Poetry--Couplets
Woodsum, Doug; CoreaLove poemVol. XIII, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse