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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume XIV

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UnknownHenry Wadsworth LongfellowVol. XIV, p. 1Henry Wadsworth LongfellowImage of Portrait
UnknownGraduation silhouetteVol. XIV, p. 4Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSilhouette
UnknownHenry Wadsworth LongfellowVol. XIV, p. 5Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, older manDrawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 6Longfellow monumentDrawing
UnknownLongfellow, 1841 Cambridge silhouetteVol. XIV, p. 7Henry Wadsworth LongfellowSilhouette
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 8Henry Wadsworth LongfellowImage of Portrait
UnknownLongfellow home, PortlandVol. XIV, p. 9Home of LongfellowPostcard
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 1Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, young manDrawing
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. XIV, p. 11Couple, faces in silhouetteDrawing
Tyler, Diana DeeHumpback whale and gannets feeding on small fishes, 1981Vol. XIV, p. 13GannetsDrawing
Tyler, Diana DeeHumpback whale and gannets feeding on small fishes, 1981Vol. XIV, p. 13Humpback whalesDrawing
Schroder, ClaraUntitledVol. XIV, p. 14FloodImage of Photograph
Gilg, KarenUntitledVol. XIV, p. 17DesignGraphic
Palmer, Greg; Hampdenheroes, etceteraVol. XIV, p. 18Shape of United StatesLine drawing
Palmer, Greg; Hampdenheroes, etceteraVol. XIV, p. 18Shape of United States with plotLine drawing
Keleshiam, MajoUntitledVol. XIV, p. 22Woman in reposeLine drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 23Old woman in hat; head shotImage of Photograph
Baudelaire, CharlesBaudelaireVol. XIV, p. 25Charles Baudelaire, 1860Self-portrait drawing
Wadlington, SusanUntitledVol. XIV, p. 27Men outsideImage of Photograph
Snow, Nick;House by oceanVol. XIV, p. 29HouseDrawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 31Landscape Image of Photograph
Keleshiam, MajoUntitledVol. XIV, p. 32-33Woman in reposeDrawing
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. XIV, p. 35Woman's faceDrawing
Potenzo, DianePenelopeVol. XIV, p. 37Woman kneeling by archDrawing
UnknownJohanna van Gogh-Bonger with her baby Vincent Willem; 1890Vol. XIV, p. 38Johanna van Gogh-BongerImage of Photograph
UnknownVincent at age 18Vol. XIV, p. 38Vincent van GoghImage of Photograph
van Gogh, VincentSorrow (Sien), Clasina Maria HoornickVol. XIV, p. 38SorrowDrawing
van Gogh, VincentClasina (Sien) and daughterVol. XIV, p. 38Mother holding childDrawing
van Gogh, VincentLa segatori, in Café du Tambourin, Paris; 1887Vol. XIV, p. 38Lady in caféImage of oil painting
Enes, BonniePoetryVol. XIV, p. 44Building with Ionic columnsImage of Photograph
Enes, BonniePoetry 2Vol. XIV, p. 45Ionic entablature with owlsImage of Photograph
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. XIV, p. 49Design with numbersDrawing
UnknownHeartVol. XIV, p. 52HeartDiagram
Simpson, DorothyElisabeth Ogilvie on Criehaven, 1941Vol. XIV, p. 54Elisabeth OgilvieImage of Photograph
Konto, CarolElisabeth Ogilvie Vol. XIV, p. 55Elisabeth OgilvieImage of Photograph
UnknownRuth Moore 1908-1989Vol. XIV, p. 56Ruth MooreImage of Photograph
West, JamesMary McCarthy 1912-1989Vol. XIV, p. 56Mary McCarthyImage of Photograph
West, JamesMary McCarthy 1960'sVol. XIV, p. 58Mary McCarthyImage of Photograph
UnknownUntitledVol. XIV, p. 62Landscape of lakeImage of Photograph
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. XIV, p. 63ShellDrawing
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthPsalm of life; excerptVol. XIV, p. 1LifePoetry--Ballad stanza
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellLongfellow's verse: This world is only the negative of the world to comeVol. XIV, p. 2-3Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNon-fiction--Biography
EditorsReviews a Maine writerVol. XIV, p. 3Maine writersNon-fiction--Editor's note
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthMy lost youthVol. XIV, p. 4 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Danforth, Charles; AugustaInhaling LongfellowVol. XIV, p. 5Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNon-fiction--Biography
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthThe Village blacksmithVol. XIV, p. 5 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Prins, Harald E.L.Hiawatha: Did Longfellow know indians?Vol. XIV, p. 6Longfellow's HiawathaNon-fiction--Essay
Fasel, Ida; Denver, COBy the shoresVol. XIV, p. 7 Verse in VI chapters
Schroder, Clara; HallowellEver an Evangeline?Vol. XIV, p. 8-9Henry Wadsworth LongfellowNon-fiction--Essay
Schroder, Clara; HallowellEver an Evangeline?Vol. XIV, p. 8-9A Tale of AcadieNon-fiction--Essay
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthEvangeline; an excerptVol. XIV, p. 8 Acadia, MEPoetry--Free verse
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthParker CleavelandVol. XIV, p. 9Brunswick, MEPoetry--Ballad stanza
Longfellow, Henry WadsworthLongfellow to Hawthorne, 1847Vol. XIV, p. 8 Nonfiction--Quotation
Goodwin, Stewart; FarmingtonA tale in six photographsVol. XIV, p. 10-12 Fiction--Short story
Childs, Allison; Ithica, NYHumpbacks at Jeffrey's LedgeVol. XIV, p. 13Humpback whalesPoetry--Free verse
Childs, Allison; Ithica, NYHumpbacks at Jeffrey's LedgeVol. XIV, p. 13Jeffrey's Ledge, MEPoetry--Free verse
Ranzoni, Patricia Smith; BucksportKeillor comes onVol. XIV, p. 13 Poetry--Free verse
Little, Carl; SomesvilleThe facts of catchingVol. XIV, p. 13 Poetry--Free verse
Powell, PamelaNight riverVol. XIV, p. 14 Fiction--Short short story
Adams, David; Mecklenberg, NYLate morning on the KennebecVol. XIV, p. 15Kennebec River, MEPoetry--Free verse
Lewis, Robert C.; North EdgecombLeonVol. XIV, p. 15-16 Fiction--Short short story
Gordon, DavidSheepscot; excerpt from RepairsVol. XIV, p. 15 Poetry--Projective verse
Bowman, Ellen; Readfieldautumnal kayakVol. XIV, p. 16 Poetry--Free verse
Sheldon, Dorothy; Spruce HeadMama is dying very wellVol. XIV, p. 17 Fiction--Short short story
Palmer, Greg; Hampdenheroes, etceteraVol. XIV, p. 18-20 Fiction--Short story
Stiles, Deborah; OronoOld woolVol. XIV, p. 20 Poetry--Free verse
Murphy, Pat; PortlandLooking over the applicationVol. XIV, p. 20 Poetry--Projective verse
Bass, Laura; BangorCowboy toughVol. XIV, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
Patrick, Gretchen L.; RandolphColoring realityVol. XIV, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
Kindred, Wendy; Fort KentInheritanceVol. XIV, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
Devine, Nancy; WaldoboroIn the free worldVol. XIV, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
Mattson, C. Walker; TroyIndependenceVol. XIV, p. 22-23 Fiction--Short story
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellTranslations: Five from Maine try BaudelaireVol. XIV, p. 24 Editor's note
Baudelaire, CharlesL'ennemi: from Les Fleurs du Mal, 1857Vol. XIV, p. 24 Poetry--French
Millay, Edna St. Vincent; RocklandL'ennemi; translationVol. XIV, p. 24 Poetry--Translation
Lowell, Robert; Damariscotta Mills, CastineThe ruined gardenVol. XIV, p. 24 Poetry--Translation
Plunkett, Duff; Washoington DCL'ennemi; translationVol. XIV, p. 24 Poetry--Translation
Carper, Thomas; CornishL'ennemi; translationVol. XIV, p. 25 Poetry--Translation
Ledoux, Denis; Lisbon FallsL'ennemi; translationVol. XIV, p. 25 Poetry--Translation
Klose, Robert; BangorThe team that loved softballVol. XIV, p. 26-28 Fiction--Short story
Snow, David; PortlandA Republican repastVol. XIV, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Chute, Robert; Poland SpringCider pressingVol. XIV, p.28 Poetry--Free verse
Coursen, H.R.; BrunswickInstant replay: 16 October, 1912Vol. XIV, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Gregorio, Renee; Taos, NMHunger for a stillness to call homeVol. XIV, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
Rothermel, Dan; YorkJust yesterdayVol. XIV, p. 29 Poetry--Projective verse
Hamlin, Ardeana; HampdenEarthquakeVol. XIV, p. 30-31 Fiction--Short short story
Wilde, Dana; UnityExcerpt from Mars poeticaVol. XIV, p. 31 Fiction--Letters
Wilde, Dana; UnityAphorisms on poetry, by way of explaining what is going onVol. XIV, p. 31 Non-fiction--Quotes
McKenna, Jim; AugustaJennifer Shea: East Chestnut StreetVol. XIV, p. 32 Poetry--Free verse
Horsting, Eric; Yellow Springs, OHThree couplesVol. XIV, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Williams, Anna-leila; AugustaLove poemVol. XIV, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Brown, Amy BeldingVisiting hoursVol. XIV, p. 34-36 Fiction--Short story
Orman, Ian B.; LeedsThe emissary of GodVol. XIV, p. 33 Fiction--Narrative
Woodsum, Douglas; Cape ElizabethVillanelle: Before two lettersVol. XIV, p. 37 Poetry--Stanza
Sanders, Estelle Watson; WindhamWaiting for UlyssesVol. XIV, p. 37 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellLaughing lady buddhaVol. XIV, p. 37 Poetry--Free verse
Dennett, Lyle; RockportWeihnachten DDRVol. XIV, p. 37 Poetry--Free verse
Johnson, Frank; Tenants harborThe women in Vincent's lifeVol. XIV, p. 38 Non-fiction--Biography
Danforth, Charles; AugustaThe watercolorVol. XIV, p. 38 Poetry--Free verse
Perrin, Carl R.; PortlandThe New Age comes to GrangelyVol. XIV, p. 40-41 Fiction--Short short story
Hunger, Suzanne E.; Eureka, ILJanuary 1st, RangelyVol. XIV, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Van Deventer, George V.; WashingtonTown planning boardVol. XIV, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Marshall, Eulalie; WiltonThe bet--May oneVol. XIV, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellEditor's noteVol. XIV, p. 42Poetry formsEditor's note
Carper, Thomas; CornishOn poetic forms: Five poems with CommentaryVol. XIV, p. 42-43Poetry formsPoetry--Commentary
Carper, Thomas; CornishA Farmstead with a hayrick and weirs beside a streamVol. XIV, p. 42 Poetry--Sonnet
Carper, Thomas; CornishCasting the netsVol. XIV, p. 42 Poetry--Quatrain
Carper, Thomas; CornishCouplets in a 17th century mannerVol. XIV, p. 43 Poetry--Couplets
Carper, Thomas; CornishA short course in sonnetsVol. XIV, p. 43 Poetry--Sonnet
Carper, Thomas; CornishFlypaperVol. XIV, p. 43 Poetry--Blank verse
Baker, Alison; Salt Lake City, UTPoetsVol. XIV, p. 44-45 Fiction--Short short story
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenFor Emily Dickinson; Centennial of her deathVol. XIV, p. 45 Poetry--Free verse
Page, Carolyn; DixmontFox watchVol. XIV, p. 45 Poetry--Free verse
Plummer, Virginia N.; TurnerOriental gardensVol. XIV, p. 46-48 Fiction--Short story
Rike, Elizabeth; HallowellThe DNA caperVol. XIV, p. 49-51 Fiction--Short story
Altizer, Thomas J.J.A Distant tutorialVol. XIV, p. 451 Quote
Halpin, W.F.; Old Orchard BeachUntitledVol. XIV, p. 51 Poetry--Free verse
Uhl, Michael; WalpoleRobert J. vs. Henny YoungmanVol. XIV, p. 51 Riddle
Daigle, Michael; AlbionHeartVol. XIV, p. 52 Fiction--Short short story
Baker, Catharine S.; Spruce HeadThe war on teenage pregnancyVol. XIV, p. 53 Fiction--Short short story
Newcomb, P.F.; Norfolk, VAUntitledVol. XIV, p. 53 Poetry--Free verse
Sanders, Estelle Watson; WindhamInterview: Elisabeth OgilvieVol. XIV, p. 54Elisabeth OgilvieNonfiction--Interview
Ogilvie, ElisabethExcerpt from When the music stoppedVol. XIV, p. 54 Fiction--Short story
Kontos, Carol; WindhamWhen the music stoppedVol. XIV, p. 55Elisabeth OgilvieReview
Kontos, Carol; WindhamAlso by Elisabeth OgilvieVol. XIV, p. 55Elisabeth OgilvieBook list
Kontos, Carol; WindhamThe Bennett Island seriesVol. XIV, p. 45Elisabeth OgilvieBook list
Holmes, Ted; WinterportCold as a dog and the wind northeastVol. XIV, p. 56-57Ruth MooreNon-fiction--Memorial
Brightman, Carol; WalpoleA reflection: The Duchess of CastineVol. XIV, p. 56-59Mary McCarthyNon-fiction--Memorial
EditorsEditor's noteVol. XIV, p. 59Mary McCarthyMary McCarthy
McKee, Glenn; WatervilleWoman heavy with cartVol. XIV, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
Herlands, E. Ward; Stamford, CTChevroned V-turns & Longcove linguisticsVol. XIV, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
Chester, Robert; Bar HarborLetter homeVol. XIV, p. 60 Poetry--Free verse
Burns, Roland; Fort kentOnce upon a time on the banksVol. XIV, p. 60Cathie PelletierReview
Pelletier, CathieExcerpt: Once upon a time on the banksVol. XIV, p. 60 Fiction--Excerpt
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenVoiceprintsVol. XIV, p. 61David WalkerReview
Beaulieu, Janet C.; BangorShort SkirtsVol. XIV, p. 61Taffy FieldReview
Rheaume, Lenore M.; Lisbon CenterMountain danceVol. XIV, p. 62Denis LedouxReview
Cohen, William S.; Washington, DCDrinking from a tin cupVol. XIV, p. 62Katy PerryReview
Blanchet, Theresa; San Francisco, CAThe eloquent edge: 15 Maine women writersVol. XIV, p. 63Maine women writersReview
Jaques, John; South PortlandMaine speaks: An anthology of Maine literatureVol. XIV, p. 63Maine writersReview
Lignell, Kathleen; BucksportPumping ironVol. XIV, p. 64 Poetry--Free verse
Smith, Pam; BathEvery day another truthVol. XIV, p. 64 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, Doug; Mt. VernonTo Josh & David: Turning thirteenVol. XIV, p. 64 Poetry--Free verse
Brosnan, Michael; LincolnvilleEvenings of desireVol. XIV, p. 64 Poetry--Free verse
EditorsEditors noteVol. XIV, p. 64Charles DanforthAcknowledgment
Kontos, Carol; WindhamKennebec Vol. XIVVol. XIV, p. 64 Editors notes
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellKennebec Vol. XIVVol. XIV, p. 64 Editors notes