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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume XVI

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Houghton Mifflin; The image of their greatnessBaseball CompanionVol. XVI, p. 1Ted Williams from Ritter and HonigImage of photo
Houghton Mifflin; The image of their greatnessBaseball CompanionVol. XVI, p. 2Bobby DoerrImage of photo
Houghton Mifflin; The image of their greatnessBaseball CompanionVol. XVI, p. 2Johnny PeskyImage of photo
Falconet, Etienne MauriceAmorVol. XVI, p. 2Falconet, 1716-1791Sculpture
Oleson, Anne BruringUntitledVol. XVI, p. 5Grounded wood boatImage of photo
Snow, NickUntitledVol. XVI, p. 6House with dockDrawing
Rike, SilviaWorms of WaldenVol. XVI, p. 9WormsCartoon Drawing
Tecla, SelnickWoodshed on the moon: Thoreau poemsVol. XVI, p. 9ThoreauIllustration from book cover
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 11SwanInk drawing
Plunkett, ConorElements of styleVol. XVI, p. 12E.B.WhiteCaricature ink drawing
White, E.B.It's broccoli dear, New Yorker 1927Vol. XVI, p. 13CartoonCartoon Drawing
UnknownE.B. WhiteVol. XVI, p. 14E.B.White head shotImage of photo
UnknownE.B. WhiteVol. XVI, p. 14E.B.White standingImage of photo
UnknownNatural history: EBW letters, 90-91Vol. XVI, p. 15SpiderSilouette
UnknownKatherine and E.B. White, early 1940sVol. XVI, p. 15E.B. And Katherine WhiteImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 16Two spiders and webInk drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 17SpiderSilouette
UnknownKatharine Sergeant WhiteVol. XVI, p. 18Profile of young Katherine Sergeant WhiteImage of photo
UnknownKatharine Sergeant WhiteVol. XVI, p. 20Katharine Sergeant White older head shotImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 21Man with monocleInk drawing
UnknownWilliam StrunkVol. XVI, p. 22William Strunk at deskImage of photo
Keleshian, MajoPigVol. XVI, p. 23PigPencil drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 24StatueStatue
Shroder, Clara; HallowellUntitledVol. XVI, p. 25Cloths on lines out of doorsImage of photo
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 27LandscapeInk drawing
Nerber, MartinUntitledVol. XVI, p. 28Nesting dollsImage of photo
Rike, SilviaPorchVol. XVI, p. 29Porch with stepsInk drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 29Face of young ladyInk drawing
Alinstrom, D.N.; ClevelandJolly Green GiantVol. XVI, p. 30Helicopter Jolly Green GiantImage of photo
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 33Woman with shopping bagsInk drawing
Vesalius, AndreasStructure of human body by Titian or studentVol. XVI, p. 34Exposed human brainDrawing
UnknownBalloonsVol. XVI, p. 35Balloon bouquetDrawing
Rike, SilviaSpam and margarineVol. XVI, p. 37Spam and margarineInk drawing
Shetterly, RobertLeaping the bearVol. XVI, p. 40Leaping figuresCharcoal sketch
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 43Man at table with pie, bread and fowelInk drawing
ScottissueEasy Start RollVol. XVI, p. 45Toilety paperAdvertisement
Keleshian, MajoCrowVol. XVI, p. 47Crow on branchDrawing
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 49CasketInk drawing
DelacroixChrist on the crossVol. XVI, p. 50ChristImage of oil painting
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 51Chain linksDrawing
Schroder, Clara; HallowellIrish cottageVol. XVI, p. 52Cottage frontImage of photo
Keleshian, MajoUntitledVol. XVI, p. 53Sandals with broken heelPencil drawing
Keleshian, MajoTurtle godVol. XVI, p. 54TurtlePencil drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 54Stacked woodDrawing
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 55Books on shelvesInk drawing
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 57GuitarInk drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 58SaxaphoneDrawing
Keleshian, MajoUntitledVol. XVI, p. 59Human handsPencil drawing
Rike, SilviaSocksVol. XVI, p. 59Socks by bedInk drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. XVI, p. 61Shape of United StatesDrawing
Haut-Penjab, MandiUntitled; 1630-1645Vol. XVI, p. 62Origin of India, artist unknownGouache
Rike, SilviaUntitledVol. XVI, p. 64Garbage under bridgeInk drawing
Chagall, MarcFiddler (the) 1912-1913Vol. XVI, p. 65Man with fiddleImage of oil painting
CezanneMadame Cezanne in the conservatory 1890Vol. XVI, p. 68Woman sittingImage of oil painting
UnknownLeslie HowardVol. XVI, p. 69Profile of Leslie HowardImage of photo
UnknownLeslie HowardVol. XVI, p. 69Headshot of Leslie HowardImage of photo
Bosse, AbrahamPrinter's workshop 1642Vol. XVI, p. 70Printers in work shopImage of wood cut
Kent, RockwellMonhegan HeadlandVol. XVI, p. 76Monhegan IslandIndia ink
Kent, RockwellSelf-portraitVol. XVI, p. 77Rockwell self-portraitIndia ink
Kent, RockwellUntitledVol. XVI, p. 78Woman in windowInk drawing
Kent, RockwellIt's me o LordVol. XVI, p. 78Woman in sky with flowersInk print
Watson, Don;HallowellFantasy campVol. XVI, p. 1-2BaseballFiction--Short short story
Snow, Nicholas; Spruce Head40 and 65Vol. XVI, p. 3AgePoetry--Free verse
Palmer, Leslie E.; Gunnsion, COGoneVol. XVI, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Pollet, Sylvester; East Holden50Vol. XVI, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Kindred, Wendy; Fort KentPigeonVol. XVI, p. 3 Poetry--Narrative verse
Adams, David; Trumansburg, NYAn associate professor speaks of loveVol. XVI, p. 3 Fiction--Short short story
Bishop, Margaret; Sicily, ItalyReeny's momVol. XVI, p. 4-5 Fiction--Short story
Rutter, Mark; SurryGhostsVol. XVI, p. 6 Poetry--Free verse
Mortland, Donald F.; UnityThoreau and Martin ManorVol. XVI, p. 7-8 Fiction--Short story
Sinclair, Louis; WatervilleWorms of Walden (the)Vol. XVI, p. 9WormsFiction--Short story
Nees-Hatlen, Virginia; BangorHow to talk to ThoreauVol. XVI, p. 10 Poetry--Free verse
Lyons, Richard; GardinerNote to Thpreau (a)Vol. XVI, p. 10 Poetry--Free verse
ThoreauCollected Poems, 42Vol. XVI, p. 10 Quote
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellWoodshed on the moon: Thoreau poems reviewVol. XVI, p. 10Robert M. ChuteNon-fiction--Book review
ThoreauCollected Poems, 17Vol. XVI, p. 11ThoreauNon-fiction-Quote
ThoreauCollected Poems, 166Vol. XVI, p. 11 Non-fiction-Quote
ThoreauThoreau, Walden, 95Vol. XVI, p. 11 Non-fiction-Quote
ThoreauThoreau journal, 1/12/1855Vol. XVI, p. 11 Non-fiction-Quote
Porter, EliotIn wilderness is the preservation of the worldVol. XVI, p. 11 Non-fiction-Quote
White, E.B.E.B. White on ThoreauVol. XVI, p. 11 Non-fiction-Quote
EditorExcerpt from an essay by E.B. WhiteVol. XVI, p. 11E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Editors note
White, E.B.Maine speech, 1940Vol. XVI, p. 11Maine dialectNon-fiction--Excerpt from essay
EditorKennebec reviewsVol. XVI, p. 11Maine writersNon-fiction--Editors note
White, E.B.CriticVol. XVI, p. 11CriticsNon-fiction--Couplet
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellOne man's WhiteVol. XVI, p. 12-15E.B. WhiteNon-fictioon--Biographical
White, E.B.Natural history: EBW letters, 90-91Vol. XVI, p. 15 Poetry--Couplet
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenRevelation (a)Vol. XVI, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellSome books by and about the WhitesVol. XVI, p. 15E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Book list
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellE.B. White 1899-1985Vol. XVI, p. 16-17E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Timeline
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellKatharine Sergeant White 1892-1977Vol. XVI, p. 16-17Katharine Sergeant WhiteNon-fiction--Timeline
Updike, JohnAn editor is like an actorVol. XVI, p. 18 Non-fiction--Quotation
Schroder, Clara; HallowellKSW: A formidable ladyVol. XVI, p. 18-21Katharine Sergeant WhiteNon-fiction--Biographical
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellElements of taste (the): a demurrerVol. XVI, p. 22E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Book review
Contreras, Peggy Clar; East WinthropFriendships and a talking pigVol. XVI, p. 23Charlotte's webNon-fiction--Narrative
White, E.B.Letters, 615Vol. XVI, p. 23E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Letter excerpt
White, E.B.Letters, 531/2Vol. XVI, p. 23E.B. WhiteNon-fiction--Letter excerpt
White, Katherine SaregeantOnward Upward, 105Vol. XVI, p. 23Katharine Sergeant WhiteNon-fiction--Excerpt from essay
Zipper, Arizona; FryeburgExcerpt from a letter by a Maine haikuistVol. XVI, p. 24HaikuNon-fiction--Letter excerpt
Zipper, Arizona; FryeburgExcerpt from a letter by a Maine haikuistVol. XVI, p. 24SenryuNon-fiction--Letter excerpt
Bousquet, Christian; OronoOld man Martin's Farm 7:05AMVol. XVI, p. 24HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Holbrook, Lisa; Ann Arbor, MIUntitledVol. XVI, p. 24HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Zipper, Arizona; FryeburgHaikuVol. XVI, p. 24HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Lindsay, Jonathan; HallowellUntitledVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandSuet ball earringsVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandSilenceVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandVoices of whalesVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandOrigamiVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandMeditationVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Halpin, W.F.; CamdenUntitledVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Brown, Michael S.; WinthropUntitledVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Rielly, Edward J.; WestbrookHaiku anthologyVol. XVI, p. 25Maine writersNon-fiction--Book review
Hotham, GaryUntitledVol. XVI, p. 25HaikuPoetry--Haiku
Wile, Rick; YarmouthLeaching PondVol. XVI, p. 26-27 Fiction--Short story
Endter, Ellen; North YarmouthSerial wifeVol. XVI, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Page, Carolyn; TroyChicken houseVol. XVI, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Paling, Stephen; PortlandSick in an unfamiliar cityVol. XVI, p. 28 Poetry--Free verse
Allen, Sheri Foley; South PortlandMatreshkaVol. XVI, p. 28Nested dollsPoetry--Free verse
Oleson, Anne Britting; DixmontOutlaw mothersVol. XVI, p. 28FamilyPoetry--Free verse
Harris, Pete; WatervilleReunion on a porchVol. XVI, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, Doug; Mt VernonTo Jen: Turning sixteenVol. XVI, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, Doug; Mt VernonExchange (the)Vol. XVI, p. 29 Poetry--Free verse
Gwin, Larry; South Hamilton, MADay we shot us out of the sky (the): part of a memoirVol. XVI, p. 30-31Military serviceNon-fiction--Memoir
Pixley, jennifer Craig; OronoNews from home, 1991Vol. XVI, p. 31 Non-fiction--Letter excerpts
Ranzoni, Patricia Smith; BucksportPracticing for EdenVol. XVI, p. 31 Poetry--Projective verse
Melnicove, Mark; DresdenLimits of technology (the)Vol. XVI, p. 32 Poetry--Functional
Daly, J. James; SpringfieldShapeVol. XVI, p. 32 Poetry--Free verse
Wright, Liz; West BuxtonFalloutVol. XVI, p. 32 Poetry--Free verse
Klose, Robert; BangorCloudburst in GottingenVol. XVI, p. 33 Fiction--Short short story
Glubka, Shirly; Stockton SpringsOver the chasmVol. XVI, p. 33 Poetry--Free verse
Lawrence, Mary H.; SorrentoSponging with MarionVol. XVI, p. 34 Fiction--Short short story
Murphy, Pat; South PortlandBlinking motel signVol. XVI, p. 35HumorPoetry--Light verse
Nadel, Josh; AugustaNew year's Eve, Augusta, MEVol. XVI, p. 35HumorPoetry--Light verse
Knowles, J.F.; KitteryMan going to sleepVol. XVI, p. 35HumorPoetry--Light verse
Krichels, Hans; EllsworthBalloon stories: Man and a small womanVol. XVI, p. 35HumorFiction--Short short story
Krichels, Hans; EllsworthBalloon stories:Large policeman, a small boy, and a very large womanVol. XVI, p. 35HumorFiction--Short short story
Graves, Laurie; WinthropRaised on margarineVol. XVI, p. 36-39 Ficiton--Short story
Devine, Nancy; WaldoboroFairest of them all (the)Vol. XVI, p. 39 Poetry--Free verse
Carpenter, William; Stockton SpringsLeaping the bearVol. XVI, p. 40BearsPoetry--Free verse
Christensen, Erleen J.; South UnityRaptureVol. XVI, p. 40BearsPoetry--Free verse
Spang, Bruce; ReadfieldLight on the porchVol. XVI, p. 41 Poetry--Lyrical verse
Michaud, Michael Gregg; Los Angeles, CAMincemeatVol. XVI, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Contreras, Peggy Clark; East WinthropIn the ditchVol. XVI, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Frankenfield, Glenn; East WiltonIn my mindVol. XVI, p. 41 Poetry--Free verse
Stevens, C.J.; WeldStomptVol. XVI, p. 42-44 Fiction--Short story
Perrin, Arnold; UnionPlaying bridge on a stormy evening: with apologies to Robert FrostVol. XVI, p. 44 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Bartlett, Bob; BiddefordClam dig paradoxVol. XVI, p. 44 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Healy, Gavin; BangorI'm sorry about the TitanicVol. XVI, p. 44 Poetry--Light verse
Woodsum, Douglas; Ann Arbor, MIWoman killed by white tornadoVol. XVI, p. 44 Poetry--Light verse
Plunkett, Duff; Washington, D.C.Sin-tax: what writers know about loveVol. XVI, p. 45 Poetry--Light verse
Woodsum, Douglas; Ann Arbor, MIMan dies while trying to start new toilet paper rollVol. XVI, p. 45 Poetry--Light verse
Knowles, J.F.; KitteryOne morningVol. XVI, p. 45 Poetry--Light verse
Matson, C. Walker; TroySouk-El arba-du-RharbVol. XVI, p. 46-47 Fiction--Short story
Robinson, Miles; ThomastonCrowVol. XVI, p. 47 Poetry--Free verse
Safford, Charles; Atlanta, GACousin no one can touchVol. XVI, p. 47 Poetry--Free verse
Patrick, Gretchen L.; RandolphBig blue chees breakupVol. XVI, p. 47 Poetry--Free verse
Locke, Carolyn; TroyDeath's seasonVol. XVI, p. 47 Poetry--Projective verse
Winslow, Susan E.; South PortlandGrandpa scarecrowVol. XVI, p. 48-49 Fiction--Short story
Van Deventer, George V.; WashingtonWakingVol. XVI, p. 49 Poetry--Free verse
Rielly, Edward J.; WestbrookDelacroix's bloodVol. XVI, p. 50 Poetry--Free verse
Carper, Thomas; CornishTwo posesVol. XVI, p. 50 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Nicklas, Deborah; FalmouthAt the lakeVol. XVI, p. 50 Poetry--Free verse
MacLeod, K.J.; BethelLester: in memoriam, Larry RichardsonVol. XVI, p. 51 Poetry--Free verse
Connor, Joan C.; Chebeague IslandLost soulsVol. XVI, p. 52-53 Fiction--Short story
Rothermel, Dan; YorkTurtle godVol. XVI, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
Stiles, Deborah; EnfieldGeistVol. XVI, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
Vaughan, Frances Downing; North Marshfield, MACoinVol. XVI, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
MacLeod, K.J.; BethelWhat he keptVol. XVI, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
Wells, Allison Childs; Ithaca, NYStacking woodVol. XVI, p. 54 Poetry--Free verse
Perrin, Carl; PortlandEben's flingVol. XVI, p. 55 Fiction--Short story
Yori, Tom; BrooksWhy artists give upVol. XVI, p. 56-58 Fiction--Short story
Perrin, Arnold; UnionLicking it cleanVol. XVI, p. 58 Poetry--Free verse
Rogers, Gil; EastonHappinessVol. XVI, p. 58 Poetry--Free verse
Tanguay, Leo; SearsportBlues healingVol. XVI, p. 58 Poetry--Projective verse
Lunden, Jennifer; PortlandConversation overheard on a trainVol. XVI, p. 58 Poetry--Free verse
Holbrook, Lisa; Ann Arbor, MIHand storiesVol. XVI, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
McKee, Glen; WatervilleWithdrawalVol. XVI, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
Baker, Catharine S.; Spruce HeadWinter pearlVol. XVI, p. 59 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Cameron, Annie; CamdenSex educationVol. XVI, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
Walsh, M.H.; BrunswickSocksVol. XVI, p. 59 Poetry--Free verse
Lee, Catherine J.S.; EastportCross-country: excerpt from North-country bluesVol. XVI, p. 60-61 Fiction--Excerpt from novel
Little, Carl; Mount DesertBuveur d'ocean: Drinker of oceanVol. XVI, p. 62 Poetry--Free verse
Lyons, Richard; GardinerTenants HarborVol. XVI, p. 62 Poetry--Free verse
Eleftherious, Stephanie M.; Bar HarborLogger (the)Vol. XVI, p. 62 Poetry--Free verse
Doiron, Paul; ScarboroughWorld above the sky (the)Vol. XVI, p. 63-65 Fiction--Short story
Sanders, Bonny Barry; ScarboroughColor of my languageVol. XVI, p. 65 Poetry--Free verse
Flanagan, Richard; FairfieldRight voice (the)Vol. XVI, p. 66-67 Fiction--Short story
Newman, P.B.; Charlotte, NCHortense FiquetVol. XVI, p. 68 Poetry--Free verse
Nelson, KD; PortlandRecurring dreamVol. XVI, p. 68 Poetry--Free verse
Pieper, Louise; Prout's NeckString quartetsVol. XVI, p. 68 Poetry--Commentary
Chute, Robert M.; Poland SpringBoy in the forestVol. XVI, p. 69 Fiction--Short short story
Little, Carl; Mount DesertMovie of my life (the)Vol. XVI, p. 69 Non-fiction--Narrative
Coursen, H.R.; BrunswickSonataVol. XVI, p. 70 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Adams, David; Trumansburg, NYSuch stuff dreams are made of: songs and sonnetsVol. XVI, p. 70H.R. CoursenNon-fiction--Book review
Lignell, Kathleen; BucksportHorse Painter (the)Vol. XVI, p. 71 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellFiddle lane a reviewVol. XVI, p. 71Thomas CarperNon-ficiton--Book review
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellRed horses a reviewVol. XVI, p. 71Kathleen LignellNon-ficiton--Book review
Carper, Thomas; CornishRosesVol. XVI, p. 71 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Clark, G.B.; Inverness, FLMidsummer passion & other tales of Maine cussedness a reviewVol. XVI, p. 72-73Erskine CaldwellNon-ficiton--Book review
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellEditors note Erskine CaldwellVol. XVI, p. 73Erskine CaldwellNon-fiction--Editors note
Caldwell, ErskineWith all my mightVol. XVI, p. 73Erskine CaldwellNon-fiction--Excerpt from autobiography
Chute, Robert M.; Poland SpringDavid Porter and his time machine a reviewVol. XVI, p. 74David GordonNon-ficiton--Book review
Schroder, Clara; HallowellPick a card a reviewVol. XVI, p. 74Betsy ShollNon-ficiton--Book review
Sholl, Betsy; PortlandDrifiting through this pious townVol. XVI, p. 74 Poetry--Free verse
Wilson, Margery; DetroitAnthologies: The most that money can buyVol. XVI, p. 75-76 Non-ficiton--Letter to Editor
Johnson, Frank; Tenants HarborRockwell Kent: The stranger within your gates a reviewVol. XVI, p. 76-78Rockwell KentNon-ficiton--Book review
Johnson, Frank; Tenants HarborFrozen mystic: Kent on art and other artistsVol. XVI, p. 77Rockwell KentNon-fiction--Review
Johnson, Frank; Tenants HarborMaking love on ice: Rockwell KentNon-ficiton--BiographicalVol. XVI, p. 77-78Rockwell Kent 
Johnson, Frank; Tenants HarborRockwell Kent 1882-1971Vol. XVI, p. 79Rockwell KentNon-ficiton--Timeline
Aiguier, J.D.; JackmanVers a vendreVol. XVI, p. 80Rural MaineNon-ficiton--Commentary
Pincince, Jean; Tenants HarborCastingVol. XVI, p. 80 Poetry--Free verse
Lyons, Richard; GardinerHe planted carefullyVol. XVI, p. 80 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; HallowellKennebec: a portfolio of Maine writing, Vol XVI, 1992Vol. XVI, p. 80EditorNon-ficiton--Editors notes
Schroder, Clara; HallowellKennebec: a portfolio of Maine writing, Vol XVI, 1992Vol. XVI, p. 80Assistant EditorNon-ficiton--Editors notes
Rike, SilviaKennebec: a portfolio of Maine writing, Vol XVI, 1992Vol. XVI, p. 80Staff IllustratorNon-ficiton--Editors notes