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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume II

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Hansen, HowardUntitledVol. II, p. 3Cabbage, celery and apple in a bowlImage of photo
Rountree, LibbyKennebec morning missedVol. II, p. 3Kennebec RiverImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. II, p. 2SandpiperDrawing
UnknownThe Shuttlecock they soundly knockVol. II, p. 4ShuttlecockDrawing
UnknownUntitledVol. II, p. 5DogsDrawing
Parker, LeslieUntitledVol. II, p. 6Train tracksImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. II, p. 7Sign languageDrawing
UnknownUntitledVol. II, p. 8PrimateDrawing
Paratore, PhilipUntitledVol. II, p. 8Tree landscapeImage of oil painting
Wilkinson, KarenUntitledVol. II, p. 8WomanImage of watercolor collage image
Aiguier, J.D.UntitledVol. II, p. 9Chinese ideogramsCaligraphy
Patterson, RaniaUntitledVol. II, p. 10BootsImage of photo
Woods, MichaelUntitledVol. II, p. 11HoleStainless steel sculpture
Rountree, MichaelUntitledVol. II, p. 12Dining tableImage of photo
Kerrigan, DonnaUntitledVol. II, p. 12Tree Image of photo
Roehn, AlCover PhotoVol. II, p. 1Saw bladeImage of photo
Aiguier, J.D.Erik's songVol. II, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Anderson, KirkGood day, fine dayVol. II, p. 2 Fiction--Short story
Bernard, NadyaThe wife of BathVol. II, p. 3 Poetry--Quatrain
Carpenter, WilliamCounty fairVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Clark, GordonReviews: Two photographersVol. II, p. 8Kosti RuohomaaNon-fiction--Review
Colcord, RobinuntitledVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Tanka
DeBlois, Rachel ButlerFearful wishesVol. II, p. 11-12 Fiction--Short story
Einhorn, WendyHarold and his JohannaVol. II, p. 12 Poetry--Free verse
Fahy, ChristopherAmerican madnessVol. II, p. 6-7 Fiction--Short story
Foster, DonaldIcebergVol. II, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Goodman, Mark D.Long distance runner (sometimes lonely)Vol. II, p. 12 Poetry--Free verse
Gordon, DavidTo be in the villageVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Chinese verse translation
Greenspan, BeverlyThe sandpiper catcherVol. II, p. 2 Poetry--Free verse
Haley, MegBattledoreVol. II, p. 4 Fiction--Short story
Hutchins, DavidSuicide note of an ancient ladyVol. II, p. 9 Fiction--Short story
Kennebec StaffKennebec Editorial StaffVol. II, p. 12 Non-fiction--Editors notes
Larson, KrisDeseillignyVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Lignell, KathleenRural communication system: A honk and a headlightVol. II, p. 7 Non-fiction--Narrative
McGuire, RobertHe that lies with dogsVol. II, p. 5 Fiction--Dramatic dialogue
McKenna, JamesThree pieces from Augusta, Maine: Mary Casey married Jack O'Riley; They live on Court streetVol. II, p. 3 Fiction--Short story
Munroe, KathlynOrangeVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Oakes, CharlesSometimes we feel like housesVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Palm, KathleenReviews: Two photographersVol. II, p. 8Chansonetta Stanley EmmonsNon-fiction--Review
Pert, JeffKong twiceVol. II, p. 8King KongNon-fiction--Cinematic review
Plunkett, TerryThe closing of the Cherryfield depotVol. II, p. 6 Poetry--Lyrical prose
Rawlings, DougJenVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, ElizabethThe widowVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Scribner, DouglasFive years out of collegeVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Sharkey, LeeAnimalVol. II, p. 12 Poetry--Projective verse
Siegler, R.J.untitledVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Haiku
Sterling, SusanThe HouseVol. II, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Stewart, Margaret RiggEssay on orangeVol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Walker, DavidAn early evening in late summerVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Oriental verse form
Woodworth, MichelineA poem?Vol. II, p. 11 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Gordon, DavidNight return to the courier's innVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Chinese verse translation
Gordon, DavidAt anchorVol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Chinese verse translation
Walker, David; FreedomFrost, 6 a.m.Vol. II, p. 9 Poetry--Chinese verse translation