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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume III

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Hoar, LindaUntitledVol. III, p. 13Lobster traps, snowImage of photo
Mcguire, NancyUntitledVol. III, p. 8Hallowell cemetaryImage of photo
Mclean, JimUntitledVol. III, p. 1bicycleImage of photo
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. III, p. 4bathtubImage of photo
Paratore, PhilUntitledVol. III, p. 11smokeImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. III, p. 10BellDrawing
UnknownUntitledVol. III, p. 15Monheagan Island MapDrawing
Adams, DavidInferenceVol. III, p. 9 Poetry--Free verse
Aldridge, RichardCaught in the fact (Bowdoin College)Vol. III, p. 11 Poetry--Projective verse
Bayer, HollyNewsgirlVol. III, p. 1 Fiction--Fiction--Short story
Carpenter, WilliamFrom Dead River sequenceVol. III, p. 2 Fiction--Narrative
Cheitman, E.When I think of Christ I think of provicetownVol. III, p. 1 Poetry--Free verse
Clark, GordonAn interview with Stephen KingVol. III, p. 6-7Stephen KingInon-fiction--Interview
Clark, GordonLeo Connellan's Death in Lobster LandVol. III, p. 12Leo ConnellanNon-fiction--Book review
Clark, GordonRisk (…a fascinating game of strategy in which a player can conquer the world!)Vol. III, p. 12 Non-fiction--Narrative
Connelan, LeoTo war deadVol. III, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Fahy, ChristopherRenovationVol. III, p. 10-11 Fiction--Short story
Fischer, JeffLegend of the hermitVol. III, p. 15-16 Fiction--Short story
Going, Jo MarianThe plight of the Maine artistVol. III, p. 12-13 Non-fiction--Essay
Gordon, DavidLong time goneVol. III, p. 3Lu Yu Lu Chi 121Poetry--Free verse
Hatlen, BurtonSteve King's the standVol. III, p. 6-7Stephen KingBook review
Howell, CharlesA visit to LennyVol. III, p. 14-15 Fiction--Short story
Kennebec StaffKennebec, volume IIIVol. III, p. 16 Non-fiction--Editors notes
Johnson, WillisAfter LongleyVol. III, p. 4-5 Fiction--Short story
Larkin, Alice T.Blaze orangeVol. III, p. 2-4 Fiction--Short story
Lignell, KathleenAt the Dairy Bar on Route 1 during a late June thunderstormVol. III, p. 9 Poetry--Free verse
McGuire, RobertThe scare of the black hundredsVol. III, p. 8-9 Fiction--Short story
Merfield, PatriciaThe whole extentVol. III, p. 13 Poetry--Free verse
Morse, CarlNight driveVol. III, p. 16 Poetry--Free verse
Oakes, CharlesI bult a false grandfatherVol. III, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, TerryShort seasonVol. III, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Scarpino, GuyGoing to haul--Winter's dayVol. III, p. 13 Non-fiction--Narrative
Schlenker, JonComing of age in America: An immodest proposalVol. III, p. 11 Non-fiction--Essay
Ward, DeborahInsomnia IVol. III, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Ward, DeborahNymph into treeVol. III, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse