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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume IV

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Armstrong, BruceUntitledVol. IV, p. 1Weather vaneImage of photo
  Vol. IV, p. 1Tree 
UnknownDonald Davis as Tiresias in Stratford Festival's King OedipusVol. IV, p. 4Davis, DonaldImage of photo
  Vol. IV, p. 4Tiresias 
  Vol. IV, p. 4King Oedipus 
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 5WomanCharcoal Drawing
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 7MenImage of photo
  Vol. IV, p. 7Barn 
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 7ManImage of photo
  Vol. IV, p. 7Barn 
Parker, LeslieUntitledVol. IV, p. 7WomanImage of photo
  Vol. IV, p. 7Outdoor performance 
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 7DinosaursDrawing image
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 8Maine CoastMap image
  Vol. IV, p. 8Pleasant Bay, Maine 
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 9New Sweden, MaineMap image
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 11PontoonWatercolor image
UnknownUntitledVol. IV, p. 11Prop-jetWatercolor image
Nadel, JoshAngel SeriesVol. IV, p. 13AngelsPorcelain plate image
Holmes, KellieInk washVol. IV, p. 14ContradanceInk wash image
Bartels, BarbaraFor Someone Who Calls RegularlyVol. IV, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Bartels, BarbaraAutposy (for my brother Stephen)Vol. IV, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Bradley, Annette; UnityFrom Montville Poems: ArthurVol. IV, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Bradley, Annette; UnityContradanceVol. IV, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Coursen, H.R.; Bowdoin CollegeLearning to Kill: Bainbridge AFB, GeorgiaVol. IV, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Greenspan, Beverly; BrunswickHiking at NightVol. IV, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Johnston, Jan; WinthropMarginal DatsunVol. IV, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Kennebec Editorial StaffEditorial CreditsVol. IV, p. 16 Non-fiction--Editors notes
Kennedy, KateThe Skowhegan State FairVol. IV, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Kestenbaum, Stuart; PortlandAt the End of the Road, Waiting on the PorchVol. IV, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Kindred, Wendy; Fort KentOn This Hot NightVol. IV, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Ladenheim, Kala; AshvilleThe Timing of a Sacrifice is All-ImportantVol. IV, p. 13 Prose in six chapters
Larkin, Alice; Boothbay HarborErebusVol. IV, p. 15-16 Fiction--Short story
Larson, Kris; East MachiasSparrow HawkVol. IV, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Liscomb, Liscomb; GrayTime Out of MindVol. IV, p. 6-7 Fiction--Short story
Lignell, Kathleen; Hulls CoveBurning Back the BlueberriesVol. IV, p. 16 Poetry--Free verse
McKenna, James; AugustaLawyer RileyVol. IV, p. 16 Fiction--Short story
O'Flaherty, Spinner; WarervilleThrough the WindowVol. IV, p. 2 Poetry--Free verse
Phillips,BattledoreVol. IV, p. 4 Fiction--Short story
Pohl, William L. ; North Amherst, MAMaine: Then and NowVol. IV, p. 8-10Cirone, JennieNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10Hedman, JohnNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10potato farmingNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10sheep farmingNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10New Sweden, MENon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10Nash Island Lighthouse, MENon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 8-10lobster fishingNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 10Coles, RobertNon-fiction--Interview
  Vol. IV, p. 10Dodge, MarshallNon-fiction--Interview
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenWell, Hans…Vol. IV, p. 2 Poetry--Free verse
Rawlings, Doug; Mt. VernonBuck FeverVol. IV, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
 Boat People 1 & 2Vol. IV, p. 11 Projective verse
Sanborn, John Newell; Unity A Modern-day Tiresias--According to GarpVol. IV, p. 4-5 Non-fiction--Narrative
Saum, Karen; YorkAnd Sin No MoreVol. IV, p. 12-13 Fiction--Short story
Sharkey, LeeAound townVol. IV, p. 2 Poetry--Free verse
Tagliabue,OrangeVol. IV, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Walker, David; FreedomFor R.F. in SeasonVol. IV, p. 3 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Ward, Deborah; PortlandFor the Love of Henry (To John Berryman,xxx's and ooo's)Vol. IV, p. 7Berryman, John, Dream SongsPoetry--Free verse
UnknownAnd That May Take Care of the MilleniumVol. IV, p. 7 Poetry--Free verse