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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume VI

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Healy, ElliottCover artVol. VI, 1Horse pullingImage of photo
Healy, ElliottLove AnalysisVol. VI, 4ComputerImage of photo
Healy, ElliottLove AnalysisVol. VI, 4CoupleImage of photo
Healy, ElliottUntitledVol. VI, 8Store frontImage of photo
Healy, ElliottUntitledVol. VI, 9Store frontImage of photo
Healy, ElliottUntitledVol. VI, 11MannequinsImage of photo
Healy, ElliottUntitledVol. VI, 11Rocking chairImage of photo
Lamson, Charles1870Vol. VI, 15Young girl at Wood pileImage of photo
Steingesser, Martin; PortlandShoplifting PoetryVol. VI, 1 Poetry--Free verse
Scribner, Douglas; AugustaPoems for a Volunteer in a Nursing HomeVol. VI, 1 Poetry--Free verse
Honig, Lucy; Bar HarborWork in Progress; the first pages of a novelVol. VI, 2-3 Fiction--Short story
Lignell, Kathleen; Stockton SpringsTwice in MillinocketVol. VI, 3 Poetry--Free verse
Brown, J.; PortlandOn my lover having left me one month before my thirtieth birthdayVol. VI, 4 Poetry--Free verse
Lorusso, E.N.S.; BangorThe Drums of HeavenVol. VI, 5 Fiction--Short story
Tagliabue, John; LewistonInvention; and it could have been the AegeanVol. VI, 5 Poetry--Free verse
Shetterly, Susan Hand; GouldsboroThis is no timeVol. VI, 5 Poetry--Free verse
Goodwin, StewartA Righteous ManVol. VI, 6-7 Fiction--Short story
Liscomb, Virginia; GrayYou Don't Know MeVol. VI, 7 Poetry--Free verse
Chester, Roberta; BangorReb Nachman (for Chaim)Vol. VI, 7 Poetry--Free verse
Coursen, Herb; Brunswick2 July, 1981: Road BackVol. VI, 7 Poetry--Free verse
Clark, Gordon B.; BristolTo Cuba (Fidel Castro)Vol. VI, 8 Poetry--Free verse
Evans, Ruth Webber; PortlandThe Pope and The Slum of Vidigal (found in the Sunday Globe, July 26, 1981)Vol. VI, 8 Poetry--Free verse
Wickes, Margaret; OaklandDepression GlassVol. VI, 9 Poetry--Free verse
Dubie, William; Peabody, MABarkerVol. VI, 9 Poetry--Free verse
Adams, David; North JayLaundromatVol. VI, 9 Fiction--Narrative
Dane, Joseph A.; South HarpswellScholion: A Contemporary EpicVol. VI, 10 Fiction--Prose
Stewart, Maggie; AugustaThe BeastVol. VI, 11 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; NorthportOne Hand ClappingVol. VI, 11 Poetry--Free verse
McGuire, Robert; NewcastleParkscapeVol. VI, 11 Poetry--Free verse
UnknownPrints and the PauperVol. VI, 12 Fiction--Short story
Flynn, Patrick; Rockwood/Salem, MAIn Defense of Marshall "Dodge-ism" (For F.G.)Vol. VI, 13 Non-fiction--Criticism
Sewell, Richard; WatervilleOn the Granite CrestVol. VI, 13 Poetry--Stanza
Day, Terrence; WatervilleTo Eat an IconVol. VI, 14 Poetry--Free verse
Merriam, Kendall; RichmondThe Fooling of Ralphie PostVol. VI, 14 Fiction--Short story
Meade, Mary Ann; LewistonX-ray RoomVol. VI, 14 Poetry--Free verse
Morgan, Patricia; RocklandRecipeVol. VI, 14 Poetry--Projective verse
Walsh, Maureen; BangorEdward HopperVol. VI, 14 Poetry--Free verse
Wormser, Baron; MercerCord of BirchVol. VI, 15 Poetry--Heroic Couplet
Fitzgerald, Brian; Presque IsleAroostook 13: Farmer in FebruaryVol. VI, 15 Poetry--Free verse
Pieper, Louise; ScarboroughAnd Still the Moon WaxesVol. VI, 16 Poetry--Free verse
Peterson, P.C.; DrydenStylesVol. VI, 16 Poetry--Free verse
Avery, Glenn; TrescottIt All Began With Ginni WrenVol. VI, 16 Poetry--Free verse
Aldridge, Richard; Sebasco EstatesBeyond My OwnVol. VI, 16 Poetry--Quatrain
EditorsKennebec: a portfolio of Maine writing Vol. VI, 1982Vol. VI, 16 Non-fiction--Editorial