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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume VII

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UnknownCover PhotoVol. VII, p. 1BoxingImage of photo
Baker, MarkUntitledVol. VII, p. 2BeachImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. VII, p. 9Hula hoopsImage of photo
UnklnownUntitledVol. VII, p. 9Woman sittingImage of photo
Bowman, SarahUntitledVol. VII, p. 3Woman's backImage of photo
Bowman, SarahUntitledVol. VII, p. 3Woman standingImage of photo
SwayzeUntitledVol. VII, p. 6Man swimmingImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. VII, p. 6Field of snowImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. VII, p. 7Person walkingImage of photo
Mawski, RobertUntitledVol. VII, p. 10Woman leaning on postImage of photo
Ruohaama, KostiUntitledVol. VII, p. 11Black Star, courtesy ofImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. VII, p. 11Man and boyImage of photo
Eakins, ThomasMrs. Edith MahonVol. VII, p. 14Mrs. Edith Mahon, 1904Portrait in oil
O'Neill, CarolUntitledVol. VII, p. 16DeckImage of photo
UnknownUntitledVol. VII, p. 16FootprintsImage of photo
Aldridge, Richard; Sebasco EstatesHe hast found out our bedVol. VII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Backstrom, Kirsten; Bass HarborWritten in winterVol. VII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Burns, Roland; Fort kentA perfectly executed U-turnVol. VII, p. 10 Poetry--Free verse
Cairns: PortlandThe anatomy of soundVol. VII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Chute, Robert M.; FreeportThe Picture of AliceVol. VII, p. 3 Poetry--Prose
Counts, Cathy; PortlandAlishya of the graveyardVol. VII, p. 8-9 Poetry--Free verse
Daly, James J.: SpringfieldVincentVol. VII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Davisson, Farrell; Bar HarborTrade secretsVol. VII, p. 17 Fiction--Mixed composition
Deming, Alison H.; Cape ElizabethBreading the soft-shelled crabsVol. VII, p. 20 Poetry--Free verse
EditorsEditorial StaffVol. VII, p. 20CreditsNon-fiction--Editors notes
Endter, Ellen; Cumberland CenterThe artist and his modelVol. VII, p. 14-15 Fiction--Short story
Feeney, S.D.; PortlandNew widowVol. VII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Gordon, David; AlnaEvening, anchoring where pines grow, at the Ferry HarborVol. VII, p. 2Lu YuPoetry--Translation
Greenspan, Beverly; BrunswickTrying to see the mooseVol. VII, p. 17 Poetry--Free verse
Haghill, Halfiza; OronoDecisionVol. VII, p. 1-2BoxingFiction--Short story
Hatlen, Burton; OronoFor my fatherVol. VII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Henry, Martha; North WindhamHerbert and VirginiaVol. VII, p. 20 Poetry--Free verse
Holmes, Edward M.; WinterportOld man NicholsonVol. VII, p. 12-13 Fiction--Short story
Kindred, Wendy; Fort KentBreakfastVol. VII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Kontos, CarolKennebec DedicationVol. VII, p. 19 Non-fiction--Editors notes
Krichels, Hans: BucksportSnipers were everywhereVol. VII, p. 7 Fiction--Short story
Kuenster, Ken; LincolnvilleCompletionVol. VII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Lignell, Kathleen; Stockton SpringsThe room without a player pianoVol. VII, p. 4-5 Fiction--Short story
MacDonald, Ellen; CamdenSummer jobVol. VII, p. 16 Fiction--Short story
McCosker, Karen; OgunquitThanksgiving 1981; for my fatherVol. VII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
McKenna; AugustaMatthew Levey leaves AugustaVol. VII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Morgan, Pat: RocklandWorking lunchVol. VII, p. 7 Poetry--Free verse
Plunkett, Terry; Sandy PointHow the ball bnouncesVol. VII, p. 7 Poetry--Free verse
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenNewly discovered stanzas to Gloria in Excelcis DeoVol. VII, p. 7 Poetry--Stanza
Powell, Joan Anderson; ManchesterPredatorVol. VII, p. 18-19 Fiction--Short story
Reid, Evans B.; WatervilleOil manifestoVol. VII, p. 5 Non-fiction--Commentary
Sharkey, Lee; SkowheganSweet perfume boozeVol. VII, p. 17 Poetry--Free verse
Shetterly, Susan Hand; SurryOn Crowley's IslandVol. VII, p. 17 Poetry--Free verse
Spang, BruceIce boyVol. VII, p. 6 Poetry--Free verse
Tagliabue, John; LewistonBy the author of "The immense journey"Vol. VII, p. 13 Poetry--Free verse
Tatelbaum, Linda; BurketvilleSon of windVol. VII, p. 6 Poetry--Free verse
Vaughan, Frances DowningCompulsionVol. VII, p. 10 Fiction--Short story
Visser, Barbara; CamdenGrandmother's requiemVol. VII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Wadleigh, Anne; AugustaPlanesVol. VII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Walsh, Maureen; JackmanThe NeighborsVol. VII, p. 13 Poetry--Free verse
Ward, Deborah; PortlandChinese TorturesVol. VII, p. 20 Poetry--Free verse
EditorsKennebec DedicationVol. VII, p. 19 Non-fiction--Editors notes
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenPoem for ex-wives on a line from Charles BukowskiVol. VII, p. 19 Poetry--Free verse