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Terry Plunkett Maine Writers Collection

Index of Kennebec: A Portfolio of Maine Writing Volume VIII

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UnknownUnion Station, PortlandImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 1Union Station, Portland Maine
Oakly, R.LoonsInk drawingVol. VIII, p. 5Loons
Ruohaama, KostiUntitledImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 10Harp
UnknownUntitledVol. VIII, p. 10Women
Ruohaama, KostiUntitledImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 19Woman
UnknownUntitledImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 13Lake
Armstrong, BruceUntitledImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 14Handle bars
Maine Photographic WorkshopUntitledImage of photoVol. VIII, p. 15Saddle
Rousseau, HenriDream; 1910Image of photo of colorplateVol. VIII, p. 21Fantasy
Callot, JaquesPantalone; 17th CenturyImage of engravingVol. VIII, p. 22Pantalone
Adams, DavidMorning mailVol. VIII, p. 7 Fiction--Short story
Adams, DavidReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9William CarpenterNon-fiction--Book review
Adams, DavidReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9Hours of morning, TheNon-fiction--Book review
Atherton, Susan; BradfordFiresVol. VIII, p. 7 Poetry--Free verse
Backstrom, Kirsten; Bar HarborAnxietyVol. VIII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Bailey, Elizabeth A.; WinthropThirteen ways of looking at a puppetVol. VIII, p. 7 Poetry--Verse
Bookey, Ted; ReadfieldTitle at the endVol. VIII, p. 10 Poetry--Free verse
Bowden, Minnie; OrlandPoint of viewVol. VIII, p. 9 Poetry--Ballad stanza
Chute, Robert M.; FreeportSamuel Sewall sails for homeVol. VIII, p. 23Samuel SewallNon-fiction--Editors note
Chute, Robert M.; FreeportTo Mrs. Martha Oakes; XIIVol. VIII, p. 23 Poetry--Sonnet
Chute, Robert M.; FreeportBecalmed on the KennebeckVol. VIII, p. 23 Poetry--Sonnet
Clark, Gordon ReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Baron WormserNon-fiction--Book review
Clark, Gordon ReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8White words, TheNon-fiction--Book review
Clark, Gordon ReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9Margaret DicksonNon-fiction--Book review
Clark, Gordon ReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9Octavia's hillNon-fiction--Book review
Clark, Gordon; Pemaquid The fate of Rameses JonesVol. VIII, p. 16-18 Fiction--Short story
Counts, Cathy; PortlandSnakehead, the danceVol. VIII, p. 4 Fiction--Short story
Coursen, H.R.; BrunswickA Nazi looks at death: 1946Vol. VIII, p. 6 Poetry--Free verse
Davis, Jim; UnityIn the beginningVol. VIII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Davisson, Farrell; Bar HarborTLCVol. VIII, p. 11 Poetry--Narrative
Deming, Alison H.; Cape ElizabethThe sex life of the cardinalVol. VIII, p. 7 Poetry--Stanza
EditorsKennebec: A portfolio of Maine writingVol. VIII, p. 24Publication informationNon-fiction--Editors notes
Endter, Ellen A.; North YarmouthWhat I knew Vol. VIII, p. 12 Fiction--Short story
Fahy, Christopher; Tenants HarborStardust rain; Growing painsVol. VIII, p. 6Serial: episode #1Fiction--Excerpt from novel
Fitzgerald, Brian; Presque IsleEvening theatreVol. VIII, p. 2 Poetry--Free verse
Goodwin, Grete; Cape NeddickThe older cashier lady at woolworth'sVol. VIII, p. 3 Poetry--Free verse
Hatlen, Burton; OronoThe widow's lamentVol. VIII, p. 18 Poetry--Free verse
Henry, Martha; North WindhamExerciseVol. VIII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse
Hobson, Archie; New GloucesterThe red paint peopleVol. VIII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Kestenbaum, Stuart; PortlandHouse paintingVol. VIII, p. 24 Poetry--Free verse
Klose, Robert T.; OronoMarijaVol. VIII, p. 19YugoslaviaPoetry--Free verse
Kontos, CarolReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Sylvester PolletNon-fiction--Book review
Kontos, CarolReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Entering the walking-stick businessNon-fiction--Book review
Kontos, CarolReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9Roberta ChesterNon-fiction--Book review
Kontos, CarolReviewsVol. VIII, p. 9Light YearsNon-fiction--Book review
Lake, Carla; AuburnChemotherapyVol. VIII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Lignell, KathleenReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Mendelsohn, RuthNon-fiction--Book review
Lignell, KathleenReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Sixteen pastoralsNon-fiction--Book review
Lignell, Kathleen; Stockton SpringsAubadeVol. VIII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Lindholm, James; LewistonNo quick cureVol. VIII, p. 14 Poetry--Heroic couplet
Lyons, Jennifer; PortlandModern romanceVol. VIII, p. 24 Poetry--Stanza
Mattson, C. WalkerAudra in motionVol. VIII, p. 3 Fiction--Short story
Maudann, Warren; PortlandThe DreamVol. VIII, p. 21 Poetry--Free verse
McDougall, Jo; Fayetteville, AR50 isVol. VIII, p. 24 Poetry--Free verse
McKenna, James; AugustaAmy Williams Murray StreetVol. VIII, p. 9Crazy quiltPoetry--Free verse
Nichols, Jim; RocklandUnion Station, PortlandVol. VIII, p. 1-2Urban demolitionFiction--Short story
Plunkett, TerryReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8H.R. CoursenNon-fiction--Book review
Plunkett, TerryReviewsVol. VIII, p. 8Winter dreamsNon-fiction--Book review
Pollet, Sylvester; East HoldenThe skywriter's wife's lamentVol. VIII, p. 24 Poetry--Free verse
Potter, John; CamdenDr. HeartVol. VIII, p. 22-23The Commedia dell'ArteFiction--Skit
Purcell, Caryn; CascoThenVol. VIII, p. 15 Poetry--Free verse
Reid, Evans B.Musings by the painter on the hidden order of his artVol. VIII, p. 10Anton EhrenzweigPoetry--Narrative
Rosenwald, John; Beloit, WisconsinCounting the loonsVol. VIII, p. 5 Poetry--Free verse
Sharkey, LeeThanksVol. VIII, p. 19 Poetry--Refrain
Simon, Tobin; RockportRhetoric Espanol: Goya and PicassoVol. VIII, p. 10 Poetry--Free verse
Smith, Stuart S.; Baltimore, MDTunnelsVol. VIII, p. 20 Poetry--Linguistic investigation
Spang, Bruce P.Death of a womanVol. VIII, p. 11 Poetry--Free verse
Trescott, Glenn AveryThe Bullhorn MessiahVol. VIII, p. 4 Poetry--Free verse
Wadleigh, Anne; PortlandSilence (among the letters to Dr. Pitzele)Vol. VIII, p. 13 Fiction--Letter
Zora, Ronald; Poland SpringHearing a fat man babbleVol. VIII, p. 14 Poetry--Free verse