How to Use MARVEL!

MARVEL may be accessed from any public, school or academic library in Maine. Access is also available from your home or business.

How can I access MARVEL! from home with my computer?

You will need an Internet connection to your computer or any device that accesses the Internet. We are using a variety of authentication methods. Most of our databases will authenticate you via geolocation/authentication. For other resources where geolocation/authentication is not yet in place you will be prompted to enter a library card barcode or a username and password that you can create. We are working to make access as streamlines and easy as possible. MARVEL! works best with more recent versions of web browsers Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge and Internet Explorer 11. Your browser must be set to accept cookies or you will not be able to access the databases.

How do I login to MARVEL!?

While in a public library or school: you do NOT need to login.

For Maine residents at home or any location with an Internet connection via one of two methods: When connecting to a resource you will either see a geo-location message like below:

login screen with geolocation
MARVEL! Login screen

or a login page like this:

login screen for accounts
MARVEL! Login using accounts

Creating an Account

To create an account (if you do not have a library card) click the link and follow the link to register. We recommend using your email address as your username. We keep this information private.

I am a visitor to Maine and love using MARVEL!. Can I access this resource from my home state?

Under the licensing agreements with our vendors, access to this resource can be provided only to Maine residents and libraries. Most states have similar online resources so check with your local library when you return to your home state.

I am a Maine resident but attend a school outside the State of Maine. Can I access MARVEL! while I'm studying outside the state?

Yes, you can login with the options described above. Also, your college or university library likely provides a large number of additional online resources, so please visit them online or in person.

How do I use a specific database?

Look for training information through our Niche Academy account or from the training vendors offer. We will be training local librarians through the summer so they can guide you as well. If you are not currently served by a local library, you may contact an area resource center library to learn about training options.

  • Maine State Library
  • Bangor Public Library
  • Portland Public Library

Can I link to MARVEL! from my library home page?

You will have a couple of options.

  1. You may link to You may use the old MARVEL logo – but there will be a new branding in September.
  2. Each library has a Gale support page with links that will track your statistics. Training from MSL and Gale will be offered in July and August.

How do I find which titles are full text?

Each vendor has title lists that contain that information. Your search results will also indicate whether a resource is full text and allow you to limit your search results to only full text.

Not every article throughout the MARVEL! databases are available as full text. If you have an abstract or citation, it is possible to locate the full text.

Search for the periodical title in MaineCat to see what Maine libraries own the title. Contact your local librarian with the complete citation to borrow the article. Your library will do an Interlibrary Loan request through one of the state systems.

How do I cite MARVEL!?

There are a variety of citation formats available to researchers and writers. They include APA, MLA and Chicago. Please consult with your teacher, librarian or other expert to determine which citation style to use. There is great online help at the Purdue Online Writing Lab for MLA, APA and Chicago Manual styles. Each of the database providers within MARVEL! provides citation options. In most cases, the database creates the exact citation for you.

What is a persistent link?

A persistent link is a permanent URL to a distinct article within an electronic resource that can be saved and used for future reference. Persistent links are also referred to as PURLs, durable links, or stable links. They can be extremely useful in setting up reading lists for students on a web page or within classroom management tools such as BlackBoard.

Are the searches I enter private?

Privacy Statement: The MARVEL! server log does record some information such as originating IP address, domain accessing, type of browser, date and time visited, and any information to prevent unauthorized uses of the site. Our server log records personal information of a remote user registering for a MARVEL! account. This information is not made available to any third party. It is used to periodically ensure security for our license agreements which authorize access for Maine residents only and to compile usage statistics

Can any of the databases be searched at the same time?

MARVEL! contains databases from many different vendors. Most of the items in these databases can be searched simultaneously through Gale’s Power Search or EBSCO’s EDS.

Are MARVEL databases Mobile friendly?

The MARVEL interface is responsive design using the latest technology to make access easy via phones and tablets. Each database may have varying ways of providing a mobile user experience.