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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I login to MARVEL!?

See how to login under Getting Started, #2.


2. How do I use a specific database?

Many Maine libraries offer customized or one-on-one training in using the MARVEL! databases. Contact your local library to discover training options.

If you are not currently served by a local library, you may contact an area resource center library to learn about training options.

Many resources in MARVEL! include a “Help” link or "Search Tips".

To find "Help" files for specific vendors, look for the link listed below:

  • Aquatic Sciences and Fisheries Abstracts: Help and Support
  • Access Science: Help/FAQs
  • Britannica:  “Guided Tour” tab in each database
  • EBSCO databases: Help
  • Forest Science: Help
  • FSTA: Food Science & Technology Abstracts: Support and Training
  • Gale Databases: Search Tips
  • Georef: Help and Support
  • Nature: Help link is at bottom of the page
  • NetLibrary: Help
  • ProQuest: Search Tips
  • ValueLine: Education
  • WorldCat: Multiple locations on the home page

3. Who pays for MARVEL!?

Funding comes from the Maine State Legislature and the joint efforts of Maine State Library, University of Maine, Colby, Bates, Bowdoin Colleges, the Public Utilities Commission, and MTEAF (Maine Telecommunications Educational Access Fund), commonly known as state E-rate. This collaboration makes statewide licensing of MARVEL! resources extremely cost effective and provides these resources for every school, library and resident of Maine.


4. Can I link to MARVEL! from my home page?

Yes, you may put a link anywhere you like with certain requirements:


  • Your website
  • An icon on computer desktops in your building
  • Email signatures


  • MARVEL! is for use within Maine only.
  • MARVEL! link must only be to the MARVEL! home page ( ) and not directly to any of the individual databases themselves.
  • Use only the copyright @ icon, available in different sizes: MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library(100 x 39 pixels)

Directions to add icon to a web page:

  1. To save the icon MARVEL! for your web page or computer desktop, right click on it or control-click and then choose "Save Picture As" or "Save Image as" to your computer. Navigate to a location on your computer to save this image. It's best to save your images in an image folder inside your web site folder.
  2. Please follow the directions for your web editor since "inserting an image" can be different for software.
  3. Be sure to upload this image to your web server so the image will show. A web browser will link to this image for displaying.
  4. Add alternative or "alt" text for any image on your web pages. "ALT" text makes information about the image available to visually-impaired users. Follow directions for ALT for your web editor or add alt="MARVEL! logo" or alt="MARVEL! Maine's Virtual Library" within the image tag of the HTML code.To use MARVEL! as a link, choose the image and follow the directions of your web editor.

5. How do I find which titles are full text?

Check EBSCO's Title Lists to find journals, magazines and newspapers by database.


6. How do I cite MARVEL!?

There are a variety of citation formats available to researchers and writers. They include APA, MLA and Chicago. Please consult with your teacher, librarian or other expert to determine which citation style to use.

Each of the database providers within MARVEL! provides citation options. In some cases the database creates the exact citation for you in others the help feature of the database gives examples.


7. How do I find full text when I only have an abstract?

Not every article in the MARVEL! databases is available as full text. If you have an abstract or citation, it is possible to locate the full text.

Click on the article linker Use Article Linker to find full text If the article is available full text in another database, it will display.

If the article is not available in full text on the article linker page,  select the link "Get additional resources related to this"  at the top of the page.

Search for the periodical title to see which libraries in Maine own the publication.

Contact your local librarian with the complete citation to borrow the article.


8. What is article linker?

Use Article Linker to find full textArticle linker is a service which allows you to locate options to find the full text of an article. It may link you either to the text of the article in a MARVEL! database or to the MaineCat catalog to search for a print copy of the article.


9. What is a persistent link?

A persistent link is a permanent URL to a particular article within an electronic resource, like EBSCOhost, that can be saved and used for future reference.

Persistent links are also referred to as PURLs, durable links, or stable links. They can be extremely useful in setting up reading lists for students on a web page or within classroom management tools such as BlackBoard.


10. How do I use persistent links?

The persistent links provided on most vendor web sites accessed via MARVEL! do not work because the link bypasses the MARVEL! authentication system. To modify an existing persistent link, for future use, follow these steps:

  1. Edit the existing URL (web address) by deleting this section: "".
  2. Append the persistent URL in step one to the URL:
  3. PDF version is available to print for future reference.
    This file requires the free Adobe Reader.

11. What is a News Alert and how do I set up one?

News Alerts are updates of the latest results of a search you have established. News Alerts can be delivered to your email or to your newsreader (RSS feed).

Read how to set up Alerts.


12. Are the searches I enter private?

The MARVEL! server log does record some information such as originating IP address, domain accessing, type of browser, date and time visited, and any information to prevent unauthorized uses of the site.

Our server log records personal information of a remote user registering for a MARVEL! account. This information is not made available to any third party. It is used to periodically ensure security for our license agreements which authorize access for Maine residents only and to compile usage statistics


13. Where can I get more information?

If your question has not been answered above please contact your local librarian. If your town has no library, use the MARVEL! online form.


14. What are the hardware and software requirements for accessing MARVEL!?

MARVEL! works best with more recent versions of web browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox and Mac's Safari). Your browser must be set to accept cookies or you will not be able to access the databases.


15. Where can I find MARVEL! on my student laptop?

MARVEL as a "web link" on the student laptops. It appears in the dock as a generic web link icon.


16. What does MARVEL! stand for?

MARVEL! stands for Maine's Virtual Library.


17. Can any of the databases be searched at the same time?

MARVEL! contains databases from many different vendors. Most of the items in these databases can be searched simultaneously through OneSearch.


18. What is MARVEL's direct URL to use for EBSCOhost Mobile?

The direct url is


19. What features are available in EBSCOhost Mobile?

EBSCOhost Mobile has these features available: Basic Searching, HTML and PDF Full Text, ability to Email articles, Search Mode, Image Quick View, and more. Download the "Take EBSCOhost for a walk poster" to see more features. [PDF, This file requires the free Adobe Reader.]


20. Which mobile devices have been used to test EBSCOhost Mobile?

Although EBSCOhost Mobile has not been tested on all mobile devices available in the market, it was quality certified on the most popular smartphones including: BlackBerry, iPhone, Dell Axiom, and Palm 750.