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Getting Started

Note!Can I use my library barcode to login?

1. Can I access MARVEL! from home with my computer?

Yes. You will need an Internet connection to your computer or any device that accesses the Internet. After you select one of the resources, you may be prompted to login.


2. How do I login to MARVEL!?

In a public library or school: you do NOT need to login.

For Maine residents at home or any location with an Internet connection via one of two methods:

  1. Login using your last name and library barcode ONLY if it is from one of the MILS, Minerva, URSUS libraries or from Portland Public Library. [Fig. A below - Use LEFT login box!]

  2. The other option is to login with your own MARVEL username and password.(Fig. B below - RIGHT login box!) You can create an online login by selecting "Register here" below the login section. See #3 for help registering.

  3. University of Maine patrons (faculty, staff and students) can log in using their credentials by clicking on the link located on the bottom left labeled "Log in using your credetionals". Fig. C below

MARVEL! Login, Figure A & B

MARVEL login by library barcode or by username and password


3. How do I register for a username and password?

Choose "Register here" and complete the form. To offer Maine residents home access to MARVEL! resources, vendor licensing agreements require identifying information. This information is NOT provided to any third parties. You will be asked for your first and last name, zip code, email, telephone number, and your type of library affiliation. Company name is optional. Be sure "State" is spelled out as Maine.

Username and password: Use your email address for ease of remembering or a username you prefer. Choose a password of 6 characters (either with letters and/or numbers) for your MARVEL! password or use the randomly generated one offered you.

Confirmation email: You will receive an email message with your username and password. This comes automatically with the subject heading of "MARVEL! New Registration".

Password Retrieval/Edit My Account: If you lose or forget your password, chose "Forgot your password?". You may change your personal information under "Edit My Account" once you are logged in.

Any Problems or Questions? Please see your public or school librarian for help or read the Frequently Asked Questions on the MARVEL! web site.


4. I am a visitor to Maine and love using MARVEL!. Can I access this resource from my home state?

Under the licensing agreements with MARVEL! vendors, access to this resource can be provided only to Maine residents and libraries. Most states have similar online resources so check with your local library when you return to your home state.


5. I am a Maine resident but attend a school outside the State of Maine. Can I access MARVEL! while I'm studying outside the state?

Yes, you can login with the options described under #2 above. Also,your college or university library likely provides a large number of additional online resources, so please visit them online or in person.